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Product Overview - MedicalBridge(sm) 3000
Product Description
Medical Bridge(sm) 3000 is a hospital confinement indemnity insurance product developed for the voluntary worksite market. It is designed to help fill the gaps of deductibles and out-of-pocket costs of a major medical plan.
Medical Bridgesm 3000 "Snapshot"

Plan Design (plans may vary by state)
Five Plan Options:
  • Plan 1 (Base Plan) HSA Compliant in most states
    • Hospital Confinement Benefit
    • Wellness Benefit
    • Rehabilitation Unit Benefit
    • Waiver of Premium
  • Plan 2 (Base Plan + Outpatient Surgical Procedure Benefit)
  • Plan 3 (Base Plan + Outpatient Surgical Procedure Benefit + Diagnostic/Emergency Room Visit Benefit)
  • Plan 4 (Base Plan + Outpatient Surgical Procedure Benefit + Doctor’s Office Visit Benefit)
  • Plan 5 (Base Plan + Outpatient Surgical Procedure Benefit + Diagnostic/Emergency Room Visit + Doctor’s Office Visit Benefit)
Hospital Confinement Benefit
Choice of Six Levels (Lump Sum) (Plans 1-5)
Level 1: $500
Level 2: $1,000
Level 3: $1,500
Level 4: $2,000
Level 5: $2,500
Level 6: $3,000
Payable once per covered hospital confinement
Wellness Benefit (Plans 1-5)
  • Pays $50 for one covered test per calendar year for employee only coverage, or two covered tests per calendar year combined for family coverage
  • No waiting period
Rehabilitation Unit Benefit (Plans 1-5)
  • Pays $100 per day up to 15 days of inpatient rehabilitation confinement that occurs immediately after a hospital confinement
  • Calendar year maximum of 30 days
Waiver of Premium (Plans 1-5)
Begins after 30 continuous days of the named insured’s hospital confinement and ends once discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation unit
Outpatient Surgical Procedure Benefit (Plans 2-5)
  • Three options available
  • Calendar year maximum $1,500/$2,500/$3,000 based on option chosen
  • No anesthesia requirement; no PRV
Diagnostic Procedure Benefit (Plans 3 and 5)
  • Three options available; option must be align with the Outpatient Surgery Benefit
  • $250 or $500 benefit
Emergency Room Visit Benefit (Plans 3 and 5)
  • Pays $150 benefit per person per calendar year
  • Pays for covered accident or sickness
Doctor’s Office Visit Benefit (Plans 4 and 5)
  • Pays $25 for three doctor’s office visits per calendar year for employee only coverage, or five visits per calendar year combined for family coverage
  • Payable for any doctor’s office visit for any reason, including annual physical exams
  • Telephone and Internet claim filing are available.
Issue Ages:
Rate Structure:
Premiums are age banded: 17-49; 50-59; 60-64; 65-74
Pre-existing Condition Limitation
  • 12/12 in most states
  • Does not apply to the named insured (employee) if coverage is Guaranteed Issue with Pre-x Waived (GX)
  • Pre-existing only applies to the following benefits: Hospital Confinement, Rehabilitation Unit, Outpatient Surgical Procedure and Diagnostic Procedure. If coverage is GX for the named insured, pre-existing does not apply to any benefits.