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Why offer voluntary benefits for your employee’s? 
 The advantage of offering voluntary products to your is that they pay insured employees benefits to use as they see fit.
They can choose to apply the money to medical expenses, such as their deductibles, treatment bills, and rehabilitation or home health-care expenses. Or they can use the money for expenses such as mortgages, groceries, electric bills, and childcare and travel to and from a treatment center.

Voluntary benefits complement an
employer’s core benefits program and
can help employees protect their families
and minimize their financial risk.
Employers who offer voluntary plans also see increased satisfaction among their workforce. Employee satisfaction with benefits plans is 19 percent higher among employers that offer voluntary plans than those that don’t. Satisfaction with employers is also higher — 6 percent better than with those that don’t offer voluntary plans. Finding a way to keep workers happy without impacting the employer’s bottom line is an advantage in today’s competitive environment.

Research reported in 2007 by the Life Insurance and Marketing Research Association (LIMRA), a life insurance and marketing research organization, reinforces the many advantages employers see in voluntary benefits. Companies report seeing value in the following areas:
  1. • Improving worker morale and satisfaction — 77 percent
  2. • Adding no direct cost to the company — 75 percent
  3. • Attracting and retaining employees — 71 percent
  4. • Giving employees options to purchase less expensive insurance than they could get on their own — 69 percent
  5. • Being able to offer employees a wider array of benefits — 66 percent.